We will save you time, money and mistakes on your next boat.

What We Will Do to Promote and Sell Your Boat


We have boat buyers coming to us all the time, some of whom are looking for boats like yours. We think they should know that your boat is for sale, be able to see her full specifications and photos instantly online, and be encouraged and helped to buy her. When you entrust us with your listing, we will present it to these ready buyers professionally, accurately and immediately. This alone may bring you a buyer right away.

But we don’t just wait for boat shoppers to call us. Anchor Yachts will aggressively promote your boat on our Internet showcase web sites. This exposes your boat to literally thousands of serious boat shoppers that do not know about her now.

Anchor Yachts is a full-service, professional yacht brokerage. We’ve been doing this since 1998 and we sell a lot of boats. We don’t just advertise a listing like yours. We absolutely saturate the Internet with it. People don’t just happen to find your boat at They come because we have invested many hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars over the years promoting our website on the world wide web, using some of the most advanced search engine positioning techniques available. We don’t just do a little paperwork. We sell your boat. This means we:

  • build professional-looking web pages to show your boat off to her best advantage
  • post her information and photo on the Internet’s most powerful boat-for-sale web sites
  • field and respond to scores of casual inquiries to find the few serious prospects.
  • schedule the prospect’s initial inspection of the boat (possibly with your assistance)
  • secure and present offers to buy your boat, clearly and professionally, using the industry-standard Vessel Purchase and Sale Agreement that provides you maximum protection
  • negotiate the best possible price for you
  • hold the buyer’s deposit safely in escrow
  • help him find and secure an accredited marine surveyor
  • arrange for the boat to be hauled out of the water so the surveyor can inspect the bottom
  • schedule a sea trial for the buyer and his surveyor to check the boat out underway
  • help him obtain marine financing and insurance and provide vessel information & paperwork to those agents
  • line up a marine documentation agent to ensure that he receives clear title to the boat and proper documentation and/or registration of ownership
  • provide a Closing Statement to you, the buyer, the lender, the insurer and the documentation agent
  • oversee and expedite the actual closing paperwork and funds transfers
  • help arrange for trucking if the buyer elects to move the boat from its present location by land, or a yacht delivery crew if he needs help moving her by sea. 
  • resolve any unexpected problems or issues that arise during this process.

Anchor Yachts can help sell your boat faster, more easily and more professionally, no matter where in the world your boat is located. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you.

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