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Infiniti 60 Powercat

Anchor Yachts is proud to represent Infiniti Yachts in North America. We look forward to helping you build a Infiniti Powercat that specifically suites your individual tastes. Anchor Yachts will work to ensure that purchasing and owning a Infiniti Powercat is positive experience for you every step of the way.

Following the Infiniti 36 and 52 sailing yachts, Infiniti Yachts and British builder Concept Yachts are furthering their collaboration with a new 18.3m long power catamaran. With interior and exterior styling from Design Unlimited, the Infiniti 60 Powercat will harness the latest retractable foil technology that Infiniti Yachts has been developing with the Powercat’s designer Hugh Welbourn for more than two decades. This will offer the unique benefits of speed and reduced fuel consumption by up to 35%. The foil also ensures a more stable ride with much dampened pitching.

To maximize usability, the Infiniti 60 Powercat is driven by twin 7.6lt 600hp V12 Mercury Verado outboard motors. These ultimate in outboard motors are unique in having steerable lower units while the outboard’s engine remains fixed. This set-up, combined with a strong lightweight construction in infused carbon fibre, mean the Infiniti 60 Powercat can be driven at speeds up to 40 knots. A twin diesel outboard motor option will also be available as will electric drives. A bow thruster is also optional.

The twin outboard arrangement permits easy servicing of the engines, shallower draft and beach-ability.

The foils on the Infiniti 60 Powercat will offer significant vertical lift, but due to safety protocol, were not designed to make the boat fully fly. However this, in conjunction with the stepped hull, result in a significant reduction in wetted surface area, permitting the reduction in fuel consumption.

“There are a couple of very nice ‘fast eco modes’ – sweet spots where the boat travels at high speeds really economically,” explains Infiniti Yachts’ Gordon Kay.

But the less obvious comfort gain provided by foils is also significant, and the reason DSS foils were fitted to the award-winning Baltic 142 Canova. “The foil configuration reduced both pitching and yaw – we know that from all the foils we’ve done. The improvement in the stability of the ride is significant,” says Kay.

Since the foils can be retracted and the outboard engines trim up, the Infiniti 60 Powercat is fully beach-able, just like a centre console – from parking immediately off Saint-Tropez’s Le Club 55, a sandbar off Florida or in the shallow waters of the Bahama and Caribbean islands.

The Infiniti 60 Powercat comes in two principal configurations. The standard Coupé model offers accommodation within in the catamaran’s hulls and in the vast expanse of its bridge deck saloon area. The Grand Tourer version features a flybridge which can be open or with its own hard top.




Concept Yachts, Southampton, UK

Infiniti Yachts and Design Unlimited

18.28m (60ft)

6.6m (21.6ft)

Draft (min/foils and engine raised):
0.6m (2ft)

Maximum speed (with 2x 600hp option):
40 knots.

Resin-infused carbon fibre

two to four plus optional crew cabin, depending on layout.




Stern view of the Infiniti 60 Powercat Coupe version showing her twin outboard arrangement.


The Grand Tourer version with the flybridge, showing the arrangement for fishing

Helm station on the Infiniti 60 Powercat Coupe version
Infiniti-Yachts-Powercat-60-05The Grand Tourer version cabin and en suite head compartment

As of March, 2024 Anchor Yachts has been authorized as an independent representative for Infiniti Powercats.