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Delphia 47

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European Yacht of the Year 2010. Foto's van de genomineerde jachten tijdens de proefvaarten in Ijmuiden en Barcelona

European Yacht of the Year 2010

Delphia 47

Delphia 47 – The perfect ocean-going yacht –a synergy of nautical architecture and design

The Delphia 47 is the flagship of Delphia Yachts –a classic True Yacht with unique hull characteristics. It allows one to truly experience the force of the ocean while retaining full control.

The Delphia 47 is supremely responsive and steady at the helm and, despite its dimensions, is easy to navigate ports and harbours whilst maintaining outstanding stability in open waters.

The Delphia 47 is all one could wish for when planning a long distance voyage.

The vast deck and interior provides each crew member with a feeling of spaciousness and freedom making the Delphia 47 the perfect yacht either to own or as a charter craft.

The interior is elegant and modern with a light, spacious and airy saloon plus teak cockpit deck.
Delphia 47 with its spacious deck, cockpit and interior provides comfort and sense of freedom to each crew member. The yacht has an elegant and modern design with full of light saloon thanks to side windows. Nice and cozy inside, convenient berths, spacious galley and many practical solutions make this boat feels like home even during the long journeys and for those who exceptionally value the comfort.

Thanks to dual steering positions, self-tacking jib and self-furling mainsail, the Delphia 47 can be easily sailed single-handedly.

The Delphia 47 is a synergy between nautical architecture and traditional maritime craftsmanship.

It features an YSI (Yacht Structural Integrity) integrated yacht structure using LIM (Laminate Infusion Method) vacuum infusion technology rendering the hull light yet extremely strong.

Due to its excellent performance and specification, the Delphia 47 is the perfect choice for intercontinental and around the world travel.

Winner of Croatian Boat of the Year 2009 in addition toa nomination for European Yacht of the Year 2009/10, the Delphia 47 is able to accommodate future customisation dependent on the desires of the owner.

“It sails well upwind and behaves very well in both heavy sea and light winds, getting rapidly up to 8 knots. Not least, it is incredibly easy sailing… In other words, I absolutely love this boat and its characteristics.” Ivan Bertelsen, Boreal Yachting Magazine

Hull design: Andrzej Skrzat
Interior design: Birgit Schnaase of Schnaase Interior Design

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