Outbound Yachts

Offshore performance & liveaboard comfort – a recipe for a great passagemaker and all around cruising sailboat.

We at Anchor Yachts are passionate about Outbound Yachts as a proven blue water performance sailboat. The Outbound 46, and the Outbound 52, have helped turn our clients dreams of cruising into a reality.  Anchor Yachts takes pride on what we have learned first-hand through various offshore passages along with the feedback from our clients who are actively cruising worldwide, to know what systems and boat configurations really work in the real world of blue water cruising.

Outbound Yachts are designed as true offshore vessels, easily sailed by a couple, and every Outbound built is backed up by seasoned sailors who can help tailor her to your exact needs. As of January 2021, 73 Outbound 46’s have been completed with more currently in build. All Outbound Yachts are built to order and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Safety from a performance and ergonomic point of view are a core belief at Outbound. Yachts that can get out of their own way, not to mention adverse weather, and that fight fatigue with simple systems and excellent ergonomics are simply safer for the cruising couple. Add construction with the finest materials and a beautiful hand-crafted interior, and you’ll have a fun, safe, and comfortable yacht that will be the envy of any anchorage.

Anchor Yachts is excited to be able to work with Outbound and provide you with a proven blue water performance cruising sailboat.


Outbound 46

Experienced sailors know the added safety that comes with good sailing performance. The ability to sail off a lee shore, shorten a passage to within the available weather window, safely maneuver through heavy seas, and a cockpit where you can “hunker down” safely when the going gets tough.

Outbound Yachts 52

Outbound 52

Forget the “layer cakes” with mile high cockpits and steep companionways. The Outbound 52 sports clean lines, moderate displacement, low freeboard, a low cockpit, a three-step companionway, and push-button sailing, not to mention the sweetest helm you’ll find on any yacht, cruising or racing.


Outbound 52 Voyager

The new Outbound 52 Voyager offers sailors a true raised dinette with panoramic views, galley up, VIP stateroom, centerline forward owners stateroom, and a large but offshore safe aft cockpit. Also included is the workshop that has become so popular on our 46 over the past 20 years.