O-Yachts Class 4

Performance Offshore Carbon Catamaran

O-Yachts Class 4

If you’re looking for a Secure, Fast but Spacious catamaran from 46 to 53ft, Class 4 is a wonderful platform fast and easy-to-sail (short handed). You achieve over 250miles per day in comfort.
What is so unique with O Yachts catamarans : 100% carbon structure and finish with complete hand lamination for non structural parts. That explains Class 4 is the lightest catamaran in his category with CE certification.


    • Carbon Front beam
    • Carbon Bow pole
    • Carbon Mast pilar
    • Carbon Mast bulkhead
    • Carbon builkheads reinforcements

Class 4 is a light displacement (from 7500kg) due to the quality of workmanship and top material/brands used. She will definitely shine in any race, with a slim hull to guarantee exceptional upwind angle. If you do not race and just cruise in family, such performance is key for security and sea motion during long passages. The best way to avoid bad weather forecast is to go away or arrive to destination … fast.

    • Light displacement from 7500kg
    • Extensive customisation for cockpit, interior, rigging..
    • Comfortable cabins with 2 large beds (165x200cm) aft – Head with separate shower
    • Aft platform for tender or just for pleasure at anchor

Exceptional rigidity with complete “hand lamination”
Where most shipyards use lamination process* for bulkheads and few elements, at O YACHTS  90% of furnitures (sofa, kitchen, bed, floor, cabinets, walls…) are made of infused panels (not just a sandwich with foam and wood) then our specialists pass hundreds of hours to laminate with both glass and resin those elements to the structure. We do not just “glue” things together with sika or other glue to assemble elements, we assemble with glass and resin, that is much longer but more robust.

Hand lamination benefices :
. stiffness
. long lasting
. what is non structural becomes structural
. no noise when walking

Lamination process consist in cutting glass fiber pieces that we will glue with resin to elements. Then we have to sand and most of time do the process twice. Once done, both elements are sealed one to the other. Lamination is the only way to make elements structural, if you just glue, this is not ! So imagin when you just put panels free … nothing become structural. This is what you have for floors on most catamarans. Floor are removable and not structural. At O Yachts for instance, we laminated and create openings for access … that is much longer process but so robust !

O-Yacht Class 4 Details


Architect:         Erik LEROUGE

Design:            O Yachts – Denn CLIFFORD

Hull length:     46ft

Beam: 25ft

Light disp.:      7.5T

Payload:          1.9T

Mast:               64Ft aluminum

Rigging:          Dyform upper and inner shrouds

Main sail:         85m2

Solent:             34m2

Genoa:             74m2 (option)

Engines:          2 x 30hp Yanmar (or similar)

Fuel:                2 x 190l

Water: 350l

Warranty:        5 years structure


–           Gelcoat ISO NPG

–           Vinylester resin parement

–           Resin polyester for structure

–           PVC foam for sandwich

Carbon Structure:

–           Carbon Front beam

–           Carbon Bow pole

–           Carbon Mast bulkhead carbon reinforced

–           Carbon Mast pillar and his bulkhead

–           Carbon reinforced aft beam

All catamaran made with quality PVC foam and few PET (for non-structural).

OPTION: Vinylester resin for all boat

OPTION: Epoxy resin for all boat

OPTION: carbon hull, deck and bulkheads


Only O Yachts finish catamarans with complete “hand lamination” to connect all panels. To provide exceptional rigidity, we build many parts of furniture with infused panels (not a light foam and wood laminate). Then we pass hours and hours to connect each panel one to another with glass/resin and lots of sanding process; where other shipyards only glue or screw elements. Floors, beds, sofas… all is connected to make each element part of the structure. Those panels are not listed as “structural” from naval architect but they are becoming structural after the process. Other benefice, you walk in your Class 6 and will never hear any “crack” from floor and furniture.


–           Keel with NACA Profile

OPTION: Carbon daggerboard


–           19.6m aluminum mast

–           Dyform shrouds

–           Monotoron forestay for Solent with furler

–           Pad eye for Lazy jacks

–           Exits on mast for: mainsail, solent, genoa, spinnaker, boom lift

–           Rail with 12 positions for genoa halyard

–           Main sail rail with car roll bearing

–           Led anchoring light

–           Led navigation light

–           Steaming light

–           Deck light

–           3 padeyes for reef lines

–           Wind weathervane

–           Aluminum boom ready for lazy bag

–           Lazy bag Lazy jack

–           Furler for Solent

OPTION: Carbon mast

OPTION: Carbon wing mast

OPTION: Textile shrouds

OPTION: Carbon canoe boom

OPTION: Carbon main sail hydraulic furling boom


–           Main sail halyard 2 :1 system. Main sail sheet

–           Main sail border control

–           3 reefs sheets / 3 reefs lines on mast

–           Genoa halyard with cleat

–           Solent halyard with cleat

–           Solent furler line

–           Boom lift

OPTION: Full 100% Dynema lines

OPTION: Self Tacking equipment

OPTION: Genoa and equipment

OPTION: Spi and equipment

OPTION: Code0 and equipment


–           1 ST50 winch at steering

–           1 ST46 winch on mast for front sails halyards (solent, genoa…) and lazy

–           2 ST50 winches on cockpit sides for Code0, Spi and main sail cars

–           2 blocks for main sail management with control at steering

–           Self-tacking Solent with rail

OPTION: Genoa, Code0 and Sip equipment

OPTION: Main sail on rail

OPTION: Electric winch

OPTION: Electric furlers


–  Dacron main sail with 3 reefs with battens

–   Dacron Solent with furler

OPTION: Tri-radial Dacron main sail and Solent

OPTION: Tri-radial Hydranet main sail and Solent

OPTION: Tri-radial Dacron genoa

OPTION: Tri-radial Hydranet genoa

OPTION: Spinnaker or Asymmetric

OPTION: Screecher


–           Steering wheel on starboard cabin bulkhead

–           Seating with cushions

–           Complete area for instruments

–           Self-aligning rudders shaft

OPTION: 2 manual tillers

OPTION: 2 wheels aft cabin

OPTION: Carbon rudders


–           6 cleats aluminum

–           Windlass 1200W

–           Anchor 30kg Delta with 50m chain 10mm

–           Davit integrated into the front spine

–           8 portlights

–           2 hatches for front cabin, 2 hatches for engine room, 2 hatches for front lockers

–           Stanchions 60cm

–           Two line stanchions

–           2 fuel in, 1 water in, 1 waste out

–           Hand rail on roof

–           Net with 30×30 holes

OPTION: complete aluminum hand rail stanchion system to replace stanchion lines

OPTION: Long bench on front pulpit

OPTION: Mooring lines and fenders


–           As standard long Bimini

–           Long U bench starboard

–           Small bench portside

–           Cockpit table

–           Lockers under seat where possible

OPTION: Soft tent all around cockpit

OPTION: carbon davits for tender

OPTION: flat carbon area between davits for solar panel


–           Long transom with ladder

–           Shower hot / cold one side

–           Emergency tiller

–           Gangway support on both side

OPTION: design logo lights on transom

OPTION: sea water light on transom

OPTION: Watt and Sea system integrated


–           Yanmar 30hp with Saildrive x 2

–           Display for RMP and control panel x 2

–           Manual control for engines

–           Water strainer x2

–           Fuel filter x 2

–           Water lock / Exhaust x 2

–           Insulation foam on bulkhead

–           90Ah AGM engine battery x 2

–           2 x 190l fuel tank with gauges

OPTION: Other brand or model diesel engine

OPTION: Folding propellers

OPTION: Electric engine control

OPTION: OceanVolt electric propulsion system


–           All light system with Led bulbs or strips

–           Utility LED lights for engine and front peak

–           Cockpit lights

–           12V battery bank with 2 x 200Ah 12V

–           Battery monitor with percent and numbers

–           Complete custom electrical panel with auto fuse at chart table

–           12V alternator 115Ah x 2

–           Battery charger 30A

–           Pier 220V station connected to plugs (kitchen, saloon, chart table, cabins)

OPTION: Lithium battery

OPTION: More AGM or GEL batteries

OPTION: Solar panels 500 to over 1000w

OPTION: Watt and Sea generator


–           Fresh water pump with buffer tank

–           350l about tank integrated into structure

–           1 boiler 40l

–           4 bilges pump with automatic switch

–           2 manual bilge pumps for security

–           2 shower pumps

–           2 WC and 1 with black water tank

OPTION: 12V Watermaker 100l/h

OPTION: More fresh water capacity

OPTION: Sea water at kitchen

OPTION: Electric WC and black water tank

OPTION: Complete fresh water filtration with UV treatment and filters

–           Radio system Bluetooth type speakers x 6 to connect your preferred media

OPTION: So many solutions are coming each year, we will adapt to any of your choice


–           Quality 3 burner stove with oven

–           1 fridge / freezer 130l

–           1 large sink and one small

–           Integrated bin below worktop

–           Drawers and door cabinets

–           Gas bottle (your choice for system)

OPTION: Micro Wave

OPTION: bigger or more refrigeration

OPTION: dish washing machine

OPTION: cloth washing/drying machine


This are options. Heating is light and easy to install. Air Conditioning may be easy and not too heavy if we only focus on master cabin. With large lithium battery bank we can power AC with the help of large solar panel area. But if you want saloon area with Air Conditioning, then we will require a very large and heavy generator. This is easy to install as we have different solutions ready but this is once again a lot of added weight. For those who like to race, we propose to pre-install pipes, tubes… for future resale of yacht.

OPTION: heating all boat

OPTION: air conditioning cabins

OPTION: air conditioning all boat with added AC Generator


As standard, Class 4 comes without electronic. We have lots of options but the one below is excellent for cruising.

OPTION: B&G electronic wind, loch, depth pack

OPTION: Triton T41 display x 3

OPTION: B&G Pilot pack Triton

OPTION: B&G remote command for Pilot


OPTION: NAIS 400 NAVICO Class B (send/receive)

OPTION: B&G map reader 7’’ x 2

OPTION: B&G radar 4kw

OPTION: B&G GPS antenna ZG100 Zeus

OPTION: B&G Mini gyros RC42n

OPTION: B&G rudder angle sensor

OPTION: Raymarine pilot engine

OPTION: B&G VHF mast antenna

OPTION: SIMRAD antenna splitter


Safety equipment needs to match regulations of Yachts flag. We will assist owner in this direction but all equipment to be the responsibility of Owner.

We have dedicated spaces for main elements such as life raft, buoy, life lines


As standard, we offer 3 cabins. One Master cabin portside or starboard (your choice) and 2 guest cabins.  O Yachts is dedicated to custom interior and we offer lots of solutions. Finish with O Yachts standard easily match competition. But we strongly recommend you to create your own space as option.

OPTION: you create with interior designers your space your style. You will request 3D views for your interior and we will execute internally detailed execution plans.