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Delphia Yachts has been making unsurpassed luxury sailing boats for over 25

Delphia Yachts LogoTrue sailing yachts. Delphia Yachts utilizes over 25 years experience and the latest materials to build quality yachts that have become known throughout the global sailing community for their unsurpassed build quality, innovative designs, comfort, durability, and performance.

Delphia Yachts shipyard was launched in 1990 by two brothers, Piotr and Wojciech Kot. It has since become the largest builder of luxury yachts in Poland, with a product range comprising yachts between 7 and 15 meters in length. The process of building a yacht is highly complex and requires specialized technical knowledge. Delphia has the know-how, experience and the advanced technology necessary to build yachts of the highest quality and comfort.

Season 2018 is here. After twenty-six years of developing a successful business and producing close to 3,000 yachts, the Delphia Yachts brand has become known throughout the global sailing community for its unsurpassed build quality, innovative designs, comfort, durability, and performance.

Some Delphia yacht owners have sailed around the world. For others, the sheer joy of being aboard a superior yacht is reason enough to be part of the Delphia family. Great sailing, friendship and pride of ownership. This is the world of Delphia to which we invite you and extend our warmest welcome.

By combining their experience and passion with the best in modern technology, Delphia is proud to present a range of boats of truly unique character and style.

True sailing means yachts built to plough through waves and chase the wind.
To be in harmony with the sailor. To secure and anticipate his actions. Only a True yacht listens to the sailor and adjusts to his skill. Only a True vessel never fails in distress and makes dreams of sailing come true.

Delphia yachts are the simplest way to bring passion to life, designed in adherence to nautical standards developed over countless years and built using technologies to ensure uncompromising strength by master craftsmen. We place our focus on sailing properties, production technologies and ergonomic design.

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