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Sterling Yachts – Purchase – Owner Agent Opportunity

We’d like to make the boats easy to see in various regions where there are no dealers, inside and outside the U.S. So, for a limited time and to a lucky few, we are offering a unique Sterling Yachts Owner-Agent Opportunity. Here’s how it works:

An owner-agent buys a Sterling Yacht for their personal pleasure, but makes it available for occasional demonstration, showing it once in a while to people in their area like you who are interested in the boat. The owner-agent will also enter the boat in at least two regional boat show annually with our assistance and otherwise do what they can to market the line in their region, albeit on a part-time basis that they determine is comfortable. There are no restrictions on how, where and when you use your boat. This is meant to be fun, easy and convenient for you, an added benefit to your Sterling Yacht ownership.

The benefits to you are manifold! Not only will you earn up to 5% commission on each Sterling Yacht that you sell- which could amount to over $25,000 for a Sterling Yachts Altantic 43 and even more for Atlantic 47. But there is also the possibility of being able to claim your boat as a business property (or as rental property, which we can explain in detail to you or your accountant) and take depreciation and many other write-offs on your boat. The tax benefits could be significant! You will also recieve a 5% rebate on the base price of your own boat when you sell your first Sterling Yacht. This means that you could earn up to 10% of the value of the base price of a Sterling Yacht for the first Sterling that you sell as a Owner-Agent!

A Sterling Yachts owner-agency can be an enjoyable and potentially lucrative part time business, but even without any business association at all, Sterling Yachts are extraordinary motoryachts – handsome, finely finished, strong, classically styled while incoporating modern design details. At the current, introductory pricing, they also represent a remarkable value.

If you think a Sterling Yachts owner-agency might work for you, please give me a call at (401) 246-2100 and let’s talk about it. It just might be a fun and profitable way for you to own an exceptional motoryacht!

Steady as she goes,


Josh Hodgson , President
Anchor Yachts

This offer is subject to availability and to change or cancellation without notice prior to purchase.

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