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Sterling Yachts – Purchase -Leaseback Opportunity

We are now able to offer, for a limited time, a few Sterling Yachts buyers an opportunity to own these exceptional yachts and receive some remarkable tax and ownership benefits in the bargain. If you are considering buying a Sterling Yacht, please read on. This program could provide significant bonuses for you.

We need demo boats at our docks at beautiful Brewer Cove Haven Marina in Barrington, Rhode Island, so that we can show visitors the various Sterling Yacht models. If you wouldn’t mind people like yourself having a look at your boat occasionally when you are not using it, we are prepared to offer an extraordinary incentive in the form of the purchase-leaseback program described below. However, the offer is limited to only one each of the Sterling Yachts Atlantic 39, 43, and 47 models, and will not be available after those slots are filled.

In the opinion of our CPA, our purchase-leaseback program will enable you, the buyer, to do the following:

  • Claim your vessel as a rental property
  • Take depreciation on the vessel for considerable income tax reduction. Deduct costs pertaining to the vessel, including dockage, maintenance, repairs, improvements, insurance and boat loan interest payments
  • Register your boat in Rhode Island and pay no sales tax on your boat

In addition, you will:

  • Receive $1,000 per month lease payment for your boat (note: rental property income is not subject to Social Security self-employment tax)
  • Earn charter income from the boat (or not, at your sole discretion)
  • Get discounted summer dockage and winter storage rates at Brewer Cove Haven Marina
  • Receive free cosmetic maintenance
  • Get up to 6 nights of free slip space and, after that, 50% discounted transient dockage at any of the 20 Brewer Boat Yards throughout New England 
  • Have access to Brewer’s 24-hour help line 
  • Be eligible for discounted purchases at the yard 
  • Enjoy free use of the facilities at all Brewer Boat Yards (ours even has a swimming pool!)

In return, you would simply agree to:

  • Dock your boat at our boat yard in Barrington, Rhode Island
  • Allow us to occasionally show the vessel to prospective Sterling Yachts buyers, people like you
  • Allow us (or, if you prefer, assist us) to conduct a brief demo sail aboard your boat for seriously interested Sterling Yachts prospects
  • Allow us to show your boat, under our strict supervision, at regional fall boat shows (owner participation is welcomed)
  • Keep your boat neat, seaworthy and properly insured

We would hope to continue this arrangement with you for at least two years, or as long as it is mutually agreeable. Either party could terminate the leaseback agreement with 60-days written notice. However, boat show display is required for any year in which we have made lease payments.

While we have every reason to believe the opinion of our CPA, we are not qualified to give guarantees or advice concerning the tax ramifications of this program for any individual. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the program’s appropriateness for you. We may be able to tailor terms to suit individual requirements and are happy to discuss alternative approaches recommended by your advisor. This document is not contractual.

We’re offering you some remarkable yacht ownership benefits, but most importantly you will own aSterling Yacht Atlantic! If you prefer to purchase your Sterling Yacht without a leaseback package, we are here to make it easy and pleasant for you to do so. But for the right buyer, Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales’ exclusive purchase-leaseback program represents an unprecedented opportunity. Either way, if you are seriously considering owning a Sterling Yacht, please give me a call to talk it over.

This purchase-leaseback package is not available anywhere else and we will offer it to only one buyer for each model, so please call me soon at (401) 246-2100. Or, you can email me now .

I look forward to hearing from you!


Josh Hodgson , President
Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales

This offer is subject to availability and to change or cancellation without notice prior to purchase.

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