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Sterling Yachts – 5% Boat Show Rebate Opportunity

We’re offering a unique and very limited opportunity to purchase a new Sterling Yacht and receive a full 5% rebate. That represents a savings to you of between $23,000 and $35,000 or more, depending on the model you want and the options you order. This offer is limited to one Sterling Yachts Atlantic 39, one Sterling Atlantic 43, and one Sterling Yachts Atlantic 47 model.

What’s the catch?

We need one of each of these boats to show in the main East Coast boat shows – Newport, Annapolis, and Miami. If you would be willing to allow us to show your Sterling Yacht in the boat shows, and conduct a few brief sea trials for serious prospects, we will pay you back a full 5% of the price that you paid for your Sterling Yacht, and that includes all factory options. You will receive the 5% rebate on your boat after we have shown your boat in the Newport, Annapolis, and Miami boat shows. Your Sterling Yacht will only be shown under our direct supervision, and you’re welcome to participate in the shows if you choose to. We can deliver the boat between shows, of course, or you might decide – just for the fun of it – to cruise from show to show yourself next fall, finishing in Florida and maybe even celebrating the tour’s end with a cruise to the Bahamas! This could be a very fun way to save a bundle on a new Sterling Yacht.

Sound interesting? Give me a call at (401) 246-2100 and let’s talk about it. I’m open to discussing variations of the plan that will suit you best.

Steady as she goes,


Josh Hodgson , President
Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales

This offer is subject to availability and to change or cancellation without notice prior to purchase.

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